Prosthesis Preparation

The surgical preparations conducted before the placement of a prosthesis in your mouth are known as pre-prosthetic surgery.

In certain cases, patients may require minor oral surgical procedures prior to receiving a partial or complete denture to ensure optimal comfort. Since a denture rests on the bone ridge, it is crucial that the bone has the correct shape and size. If a tooth extraction is necessary, the underlying bone might be uneven or sharp. To achieve the best fit for the denture, the bone may need to be reshaped or smoothed. Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove excess bone before inserting the denture.

Preparing Your Mouth for Dentures

At Prestige Oral and Facial Surgery Center, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to prepare your mouth for dentures. Our experienced team will assess your unique needs during your appointment and recommend the most suitable procedures. Here are some of the commonly performed treatments:

Our skilled surgeons excel in bone smoothing and reshaping, creating an optimal foundation for your denture. Excessive bone is precisely removed to ensure proper denture placement. Bone ridge reduction and removal of excess gum tissue optimize the fit and aesthetics of your denture. We also offer expert exposure and preparation of impacted teeth for a seamless transition and optimal oral health. Trust Prestige Oral and Facial Surgery Center for superior denture preparation.

Book your consultation today to discuss your unique requirements and begin your journey towards a confident smile with dentures customized to your needs. 

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